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I specialise in training people in facilitation skills, developing their confidence and competence in working with groups. This website provides detailed information about the training I run.

The programme has been running highly successfully since 1994, in both the UK and abroad (Denmark, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Austria and Thailand).


I run two related courses:

• The Facilitator's Development Programme (a four day masterclass in groupwork) (the FDP)


• The Post Graduate Programme (the PGP), the follow up course for those who have completed the FDP

"I feel I have far more knowledge at the level I wanted to get to than I imagined would be possible. I have more confidence that I can be an effective facilitator. The models provide me with the basis on which I can monitor myself in future."

"A fantastic, clear and constructive course, the support from Nick was incredible. The balance between participants and Nick when discussing complex issues was an eye opener. The practices pulled it all together."

"I'm very glad to have found this course, it will change the way I work for the better and has included so many transferrable skills and insights for the other work I do."

"The course is really good, although I was doing some parts of facilitation before, I am now equipped with much more methods and an enriched knowledge."

"Thank you so very much, I wanted additional confidence in the skill of facilitating which the course has provided in abundance."

"I am in a much better position to facilitate and engage my team to achieve their results and this will help me to facilitate employee engagement sessions."

"I'm now a trained and enthusiastic facilitator ready to do the real thing."

What participants have said:

It is my intention to provide straightforward, understandable information on this website. If anything comes across as jargon or unclear please contact me and I will be very happy to talk any aspect through and answer any questions in detail. Nick (01544 230059).

20th Anniversary The Facilitator's Development Programme was first held in September 1994. I ran it for NatWest Insurance Services, for a group of 8 at The Speech House Hotel in the Forest of Dean.


The Facilitator’s Development Programme (a four day masterclass in groupwork) is recognised by The Institute of Leadership and Management (The ILM is part of the City and Guilds Group). Participants will receive a certificate from the ILM plus 12 months studying membership. Elements National Centre No: 004814.

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Latest update: January 2015

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