The Facilitator's Development Programme is an outstanding in-depth programme. It is a rich mix of professional and personal development. It will increase your confidence in facilitation, along with your skills and your ability to handle challenging situations. It is a unique combination of practice opportunities and applied theory inputs supported by constructive performance feedback.

The professional facilitator is a master in the art of working with groups. They excel in enabling groups and teams to understand how they are working together, increasing their range of choices and thereby becoming more effective in their tasks. This is achieved through the facilitator’s capacity to create and maintain a safe and constructive atmosphere for people to work in and an ability to enable participants to become more aware of how they are working together.

"Thank you, this course opened my eyes to what facilitation really is and I thought I knew before I attended! It showed me how my behaviours aligned with my intent and values directly affect outcomes. It also demystified group dynamics along with clearly setting out the other areas of facilitator competence. So much practice and so much feedback! It was a masterclass in facilitation. What a fantastic experience, so much more than just a training programme. I am going back to work with so much more confidence and so many more skills."

The demands upon the facilitator are great, at both a personal and a professional level. Facilitators have to be able to work with the quality of relationship and communication in the group. This programme will help you to work at that level of reality.

Here is a link to an article about the FDP in HR Magazine.

Key Areas

The course focuses equally on the two essential areas of facilitator self confidence and facilitator competence.

This entails understanding how groups work, the psychology of groups, the interventions and behaviours by the facilitator that work best and why, the relationship between the facilitator and the group and critically, the dynamic interaction of process and content.

It also focuses on the relationship between the facilitator and the group and how this can support a group to operate most effectively.

Professional and Personal Development

The training is very much about professional development and as this entails looking in great detail at the behaviour and intentions of the facilitator, the programme is also partly personal development.

The programme aims to increase the facilitator's awareness or mindfulness, developing the skill and practice of focusing on the immediate, of paying attention equally to self, other and environment.

The Training

The training is in-depth and demanding, being a balance of input by the facilitator, experiential learning and practice opportunities followed by in-depth feedback.

It is aimed at all those who have a professional interest in working with groups and a serious intention to improve their practice.

The training is highly supportive, constructive and developmental. It will improve your confidence in yourself as a professional facilitator.

What you'll achieve

• Through this programme you will become more effective as a professional facilitator.

• A much greater confidence based on your awareness of what you do, why you do it and the effect it has.

• A greatly increased skillset, developing both your interpersonal and facilitation skills for working with groups and individuals.

• Greater choice and flexibility in your group interventions and in your understanding of the process behind tools and techniques, including the range available.

• An enhanced understanding of your own impact and what is happening in the group.

• The ability to play a fuller role as a participant in all future groupwork.

Who is it for?

• All those interested in developing their professional competence in facilitation and their related interpersonal skills for working with groups and individuals, those wanting to improve their range and depth of interventions.Those who run management development and other learning and training events, meetings, project groups, team meetings and team briefings, conferences, workshops and seminars, etc.

• Corporate trainers, human resources, personnel, training professionals, learning and development managers, project managers, team leaders, consultants (both internal and external) and all facilitators.

• Those with a serious interest in understanding group dynamics and how to make powerful interventions to improve group effectiveness.

What participants have said:

"A recent comment on LInkedIn"

"I feel I have far more knowledge at the level I wanted to get to than I imagined would be possible. I have more confidence that I can be an effective facilitator. The models provide me with the basis on which I can monitor myself in future."

"A fantastic, clear and constructive course, the support from Nick was incredible. The balance between participants and Nick when discussing complex issues was an eye opener. The practices pulled it all together."

"I'm very glad to have found this course, it will change the way I work for the better and has included so many transferrable skills and insights for the other work I do."

"The course is really good, although I was doing some parts of facilitation before, I am now equipped with much more methods and an enriched knowledge."

"Thank you so very much, I wanted additional confidence in the skill of facilitating which the course has provided in abundance."

"I am in a much better position to facilitate and engage my team to achieve their results and this will help me to facilitate employee engagement sessions."

"I'm now a trained and enthusiastic facilitator ready to do the real thing."


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