• Well structured, I learnt so much from your quality feedback and detailed attention to process - Merrill Lynch

• I have not felt this positively charged after a training course for a very long time, thank you very much - Health and Social Care Information Centre

• I wanted to get feedback to help me benchmark what I'm doing and that was more than achieved. The double loop learning was very valuable and helped me to understand more what is going on in a group and how you can handle it - CMS Cameron McKenna

• Nick, I have thoroughly enjoyed this week, thanks for making this such a relaxed and safe environment where we/I could try things out, it's been great! - J.D. Williams

• Nick absolutely 'walked the talk'. He superbly demonstrated all aspects of facilitation together with the theory, great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot - Open FDP

• Thank you Nick, you've exceeded my very high expectations - OB Professional

• I feel so much more grounded in my facilitation, with practices I can emulate and theories I can refer to to shift my style and approach - Open FDP

• This is an exceptionally good thought provoking and thoughtful course which embraces people of all standards - Open FDP

• The best facilitation of any course I have been on. Meaningful content, excellently delivered - National Savings and Investments

• One of the most effective and well run courses I have ever attended. Really grateful to you for role-modelling so expertly what an excellent facilitator should be (HM Customs and Excise)

• This has been an inspiring course, I wish I had done it years ago, thank you - independent consultant

• Demanding but worth the effort to keep up! Not for those who are not prepared to give of themselves and their time fully. The rewards far outweigh the commitment - Foseco International Ltd

• Very tiring and mentally draining but incredibly rewarding - Herefordshire Council.

• The first really useful course I have been on for a long time. The first tutor who was fully confident, knowledgeable and competent for all eventualities and questions - ActionAid

"The course was fantastic, and potentially one of the most useful courses I've ever been on over the last fifteen years.

The design meant that there were so many elements that worked well for me. You created an environment in which I was able to take risks. Not only was it fun but it allowed me to push the boundaries of what I was able to do, and through experimenting, really learn more about myself and how I respond. I thought the way in which you take participants through the exercises is extraordinarily skillful; the way in which it built confidence was both impressive and powerfully effective. This worked for both complete novices and the more experienced in the group alike, which was no mean feat!

Perhaps the most significant learning for me was about the instrumental-developmental continuum. Although I am a relatively experienced facilitator, this led to a real paradigm shift in how I view my practice. It also gave me a way of better understanding and articulating the context in which I work and how I am expected to work, which I wasn't able to do before.

I must confess when you said early on you'd been running the course for years, I was a little sceptical about how it would be. Now I understand why - it's exactly what development 'should' be. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from you and work with you. The impact of the course in terms of what I do is likely to be profound".

• The models and exercises were bloody brilliant, the best I have ever had presented to me - independent consultant

• Excellent, very well facilitated, a large part of the learning is being facilitated by you and seeing what you see - South West Trains

• It will allow me to facilitate much more widely at work now, it has given me more confidence and lots of additional ideas to use. There is a belief that facilitation skills can only be provided externally and that we don’t have these skills in-house, no longer! (National Audit Office)

• I am amazed at the amount we have covered in a relatively short space of time, a first class course that was delivered in a highly professional manner, thank you and well done - RAF

• Thank you! I'm just sad to be leaving - I haven't learnt this much for years - Open FDP

• By the end of the course I felt competent to facilitate in all environments, either in a group or on a one-to-one basis. I developed my own style of facilitation whilst fully understanding the overall methodology of facilitation (John Smith's Ltd)

• Nick, you have been a great tutor, modelling facilitation in your own style. You have been extremely clear and I felt really safe to share my views. Your level of feedback has been inspiring. I feel really motivated to share the skills I have learnt, thank you - Open FDP

• Through the theory, practices and feedback I now feel much more confident and have a way of preparing for and running any session I facilitate. Previously I was just hoping for the best - Open FDP

• This was the best programmes I have ever attended. Now it's down to me to put it into practice - NS and I

• It was the first time I've ever known the final review of objectives at the end to actually have covered everything listed - NS and I

• I have come away with a range of ‘tools’ which I can now begin to put into practice. I now have confirmation of my skills/abilities which I can start to use more efficiently (GKN Westland Helicopters)

• I now have a language and confidence to fully engage in discussions with my colleagues about how we might work together - Open FDP

• A thorougly enjoyable programme, it has been extremely stimulating and has not only improved my facilitation knowledge but has provided me with personal development too. I will be able to use it in many aspects of my personal life as well as work - independent consultant


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