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Groupwork and facilitation

A bibliography of books about facilitation and groupwork

Facilitating learning in groups by David Casey, Paul Roberts and Graeme Salaman

My way of facilitating a group by Carl R. Rogers

A model of trainer development by David I. Bradford

Groupwork theory by "unknown"

Gestalt group process by Elaine Kepner

Tuckman's model of group life (process) by Bruce Tuckman

A Gestalt Model of Group Process by John Mitchell and Vivian Broughton, November 1995

Unconditional positive regard

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Client centred or person centred approach

People at the centre by Keith Tudor

The foundations of a person centred approach by Carl R. Rogers

The person centred approach to therapy by Dave Mearns

Person centred therapy by Brian Thorne

Empathic, an unappreciated way of being by Carl R. Rogers

Achieving real empathy is not easy by "Unknown"

Authenticity, congruence and transparency by Germain Lietaer

Reflection by "Unknown"

Carl Rogers demonstration interview

An interview between Carl Rogers and Grace

Supporting self esteem by "unknown"

Definitions of Emotional and Psychological Safety

Managing Psychological Depth


The facilitative manager by Rowena Chapman

The paradoxical theory of change by Arnold R. Beisser

Reflections on field theory by Malcolm Parlett

The search conference method for participative planning by Robert Nehm and Nancy Cebula

Clean language without words by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Less is more ... by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Articles about consultancy

The real role of HRD professionals by "Unknown"

Conquering the conundrum of consultancy by "Unknown"


SessionLab, a library of facilitation resources

Talk Shop, a new way of discussing and reaching agreement about the issues that really matter to us all

Crowd-wise, the home of participatory decision making

Playdecide, a discussion game to talk in a simple and effective way about controversial issues

Open Up Uk, Weigh the arguments, Claify your thinking, Have confidence in your conclusions

Infed, an excellent site with a great article on facilitation,

A useful site for tools and techniques;

A company specialising in stress management and bullying and harassment training and consultancy; in-equilibrium

A website with more information about the use of clean language;

H.R. and training services;

A magazine about reviewing skills;

An index of articles by Roger Greenaway,

A team development package:

For training resources;

Management Learning Resources;

The British Psychodrama Association, training in the use of Sociodrama and Action Methods;

The Sesame Institute, a charitable organisation that promotes & trains Dramatherapists in the Sesame Approach to Drama & Movement Therapy;

CIPD Bookstore for books on facilitation and related areas

Sage Publications for books on facilitation and related areas

Gower, a publisher for books and more on facilitation and related areas

Kogan Page, for books on facilitation and related areas

Fenman, for books on facilitation and related areas

UK Training, a database and resource for those looking for trainers and for trainers uktraining

Rubus Associates deliver high quality learning interventions and HR development solutions for both private and public sector organisations rubus associates

The Institute of Group Analysis, training in groupwork;

The Life Coach Directory, information about life coaching and a page on work/life balance lifecoaching-directory

the business of human relationships
a four day masterclass in

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