The Facilitator's Development Programme is run both in-house (for a group of participants from your organisation only) and as an open course (participants come from a variety of different organisations).








• The course is run over a period of four days. Each day runs from 9.00am to 6.15pm.

• The in-house programme is either run as two x 2-day modules with an interval of about two weeks between the two modules or as four consecutive days, depending upon your preference.

• The open course is always run as four consecutive days.

• Group size; minimum 4, max 10.

a) The ideal group size is 8, the course has been designed and timetabled for a group of this size.

b) The course runs well with 'smaller than 8' group sizes.

c) It can stretch to an absolute maximum of 10 but there are some learning costs which I will talk through with you before a decision is made if this is relevant. In order to fit in the extra practice sessions for more than eight participants some other inputs and exercises will have to be reduced.

d) It cannot run with more than 10 participants. This is due to the time taken by facilitation practices which form a very significant part of the course.

• Both the in-house and the open programme require participants to complete some pre-course work to prepare themselves for attending the programme.

• Each participant gets a comprehensive course manual at the start of the programme.

• Each participant receives a certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management on completion of the full programme.

• The programme runs in such a way that it can be adapted to the needs of those who are new to facilitation as much as it is designed for those who already have experience of facilitating and wish to develop their skills further.

In-house course

Open course


2 x two day modules (or 4 consecutive days)

4 consecutive days


8,000 + VAT + expenses (expenses = travel, subsistence, accommodation and a copy of the course manual per participant @ 35 per copy)

1,500 + VAT (paid to Elements)

Plus accommodation/venue costs (paid directly to the venue)


according to your needs

a conference centre in the West Midlands/Welsh borders


The FDP - Other Details

the business of human relationships

The FDP (a four day masterclass in groupwork) is recognised by ILM (The Institute of Leadership and Management). You'll receive a certificate from the ILM plus 12 months studying membership. Elements National Centre No: 004814.

The Facilitator's Development Programme was first run in Sept 1994 for NatWest Insurance Services.

It has been running continually since then and well over 1,000 facilitators have now completed the programme, it has been held all over the world.